Mac's Page

Mac's our Border Collie.

mac blinking
A handsome fluffy lump who never barks
he does squeak a bit when he wants to go out
and occasionally howls when he's dreaming.

Mac's photo album

One of Mac's favorite toys - a fluffy sheep he got for Christmas 2006.

Up in't Yorkshire Dales in July 2007

Jess, Jen, Dinah and Mac - April 2008

Mac with his favorite toy - a fluffy pheasant

(well, it's really a duck, but we once had a fluffy pheasant which looked similar and he learnt to "Fetch Pheasant!". We didn't want to confuse him by changing the name.)

Mac looking miserable in the snow.

Dinah and Mac - August 2010

I'm not sure if he likes the scarf...

NEW As I've said, he never barks, but he does sing to Eastenders:

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