A 'skinless' skin for Winamp

The 'AMPman PCB' came about after seeing the FUSION AMPdeck and FUSION AMPman LCD skins for WinAmp by Blayde...(available from the WinAmp site)

... since I'm into electronics, I wondered what it'd look like with the cover off!

99.9% of the credit should go to Blayde for the cool LCD bits, the other 0.1% I think ought to go to the 'DIP Switches' used for Random and Repeat.
They turned out pretty well along with the green surface-mount LEDs which don't work too bad.

The file pack for AMPman PCB should be unzipped into a new directory
e.g.    ..\winamp\skins\AMPmanPCB

  Tony Wilk

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