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Apologies for the gratuitous use of the little monsters - from DOOM of course!

P.C.B 'skin' for WinAmp

Ok, so I wasted a few hours messing about and came up with this skin for WinAmp (the great .MP3 player).

AVI Animation stuff...

AVI Constructor by one Michael Caracena is a nice simple to use tool for generating AVI's from lists of images.
I made a couple of crap animations one afternoon, the .AVI's (Zipped) are:

A Video Capture of a 16-legged silicon beastie and a scribbled drawing captured frame-by-frame from an edit window in PaintShopPro.

Indeo Video Drivers

The AVI's above are created with Intel Indeo(R) R3.2, so you may need updated drivers from Intel to play these files. Luckily, I have the URL real handy: Indeo Video Software Driver Versions.


This is a noddy little prog. to strip out carriage returns etc. from text files so they'll import nicely into a word processor (hopefully!). This was written primarily for use with an OCR package which generated text files with carriage returns and spaces all over the place.
The program, readme file etc. is all in a self-extracting ZIP file which you can download.
Hope it's of some use !

SoundBlaster AWE Stuff....

Here's a nice '9ft Grand Piano' sound bank file. You can load it into a user bank using the AWE control panel and then patch it in.
Note: If you havn't got any extra memory on your AWE, then you'll have to set the Synth Bank to General Midi to free up the memory (that's if you normally have the GS synth bank loaded).

Mission Impossible Theme

This example MIDI file (and a whole lot more) are in this 201KB ZIP file that you can rack up your phone bill by downloading.
Note: you'd have to be musically taste-free to be able to listen to the midi of 'Purple Haze' for more than 2.5 seconds!

Video Spectrometer project....

Rather than emailing the stuff, you can get it from here !

(which really means I can't be a***d to finish it off, but hopefully leaves you with the impression that I've got heaps of really interesting stuff that you are itching to know about)

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