Oh dear, this page is really, really old... some of the pics are from 1996

Hi, this is me in my best suit for a photo with the Caterham 'Super 7'

It's got wheels, a 1700cc / 130bhp engine …and that's all it really needs.

Strangely enough, I had another car with fibreglass wings:
a Reliant Regal SuperVan III

Caterham 7
The building in the background is

ECM Systems

(purveyors of fine electronics)
Here's the rest of the family...


. . carrying my Black Sheep beer

(you gotta train 'em young)

There's more on my
Family Pictures page.

coat of arms

Dave with kite
A quick bit of pyrotechnics . . .


A small 'Estes' engined rocket

can you see if the fin decals are on straight ?

For more pyro pictures, see our StarFire web site

My brother, Dave, proudly displaying our 'Stunt Kite' made from a plastic bag, a couple of sticks pulled from a bush and a load of gaffa tape.

The kite did fly, but it needed a minimum of a force-9 gale to keep it aloft!

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