Big Spinny Things

This is the start of a page about Starfire's "Big Spinny Things"
They are fairly large wheels driven by special fireworks, the whole category of Big Spinny Things includes horizontal and vertically-spinning wheels and some types which reverse direction.

The most complicated of our "Big Spinny Things" has two long arms (2 and 3 meters) separatly rotating on the same shaft.
Each arm has two sets of drivers, whistles and motors so that they rotate in one direction, then screech to a stop and then rotate in the opposite direction.

We are using this as part of the show for our local 800-year celebration of the Hedon town charter on the 13th Dec. 2000

Hopefully we should have some pictures of this in action soon (assuming someone remembers to charge the camcorder batteries for a change!).
Meanwhile, there's lots of firework pictures on our Starfire web page
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