Here's some of the TC minutes scanned by Mike Hall, which I've shamelessly reproduced here (after reprocessing a bit to improve d/l time).
     3rd May 1989 - On a Lawn Outside the Refec.
     The Tech, Comm, Christmas Party - 30th November 1988.
     Minutes of the Technical Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 8th March 1989.

There's also the "TECH. COMM GOES POETICAL" minutes of 18th Jan 1989 which are available from Tim Mitchell on this part of the Sabre web site
and (again, shamelessly ripped off - or mirrored, if you prefer) here
I scanned the only remaining page of TC minutes in my posession and tried a few things...


The top one is a straight gray scan, converted to 16-grays. Since the paper is getting a bit old (and my scanner doesn't understand how to set brightness or contrast) the background is bitty - hence the 170K/page.

The remainer are 'cleaned up' using PaintShop Pro to clean up the background and convert to B/W.

I reckon 100dpi 16grays does a reasonable job.


Ha Ha Ha... I tried some S/W I already had, plus I downloaded Cuneiform 3.1 (and found a crack for it of course!) - none of 'em could handle the knackered old typewriter that this was typed on without needing a lot of fixups. I know there's some adaptive packages out there somewhere that should learn the font after a while - but didn't find one. However...


While wasting hours doing the above, I thought:
a. Unless someone has a full-auto batch scanner, this is going to be a lot of work.
b. OCR, even if successful, loses the original character of the documents
c. Who really gives a toss ?

Maybe we could image some of the more interesting minutes and just put the .GIFs in some web space
- around 40Kb/page isn't too much to ask.

In the mean time, here's the page I was scanning... interesting that it touches on so many of those essential elements of TechComm!
(not to mention the usual typo's - Pete!)

     Tony Wilk

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